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Imperial Building & Roofing installs new, high quality siding so that homeowners can enjoy an attractive home exterior. The company stocks a wide range of styles and colors of the most popular siding materials, including vinyl, aluminum, hardwood and cement fiber. The staff will help property owners choose a size, color and style that best suits their home.

Vinyl siding installed by Imperial Building & Roofing lasts for decades. Many homeowners choose it due to its ease of maintenance, durability and affordable price. Vinyl can also be manufactured to resemble more high end materials, such as stone or cedar.

Hardwoods are another popular material offered by Imperial Building & Roofing. Hardwood siding is known for its beauty and rich natural colors. The crews at Imperial Building & Roofing can also seal or paint the hardwood before it is installed. This gives a home a custom look. Imperial Building & Roofing will continue to maintain hardwood siding so homeowners can enjoy a beautiful home for many years. Hardwood was the first kind of material to be used as home siding.

Aluminum siding has been a favorite choice of homeowners since the 1950s. Today's aluminum siding is easier to maintain than ever. Imperial Building & Roofing carries a wide range of colors and finishes of aluminum. This material is affordable, acts as a strong insulator and is fast to install.

Cement fiber is growing in popularity as a siding material. Imperial Building & Roofing carries several brands of this siding, which are all made from recycled materials. This environmentally friendly insulation is great for cold and snowy climates and helps to insulate the home from wind and cold air.

Imperial Building & Roofing also specializes in gutter installation. Custom gutters can be made to match a home's new wooden, vinyl or aluminum siding. Imperial Building & Roofing also has a large selection of in stock gutter materials. These are available in standard colors, or they can be specially painted to match a home's trim.

Aluminum gutters are the most popular type installed by Imperial Building & Roofers. They resist rust, are lightweight and easy to maintain. Vinyl and fiberglass gutters are growing in popularity, as they are seamless and experience fewer problems like leaking at their joints.

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