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Outdoor decks have always been a popular home feature. To really add elegance to your home, consider the addition of a multi-tiered deck. With a little advanced planning, a multi-tiered deck can creatively add additional square footage to any outdoor living space. Imperial Building & Roofing will work with you to get the most out of the space you have available.

Building a multi-tiered deck is not just an aesthetic consideration. There are several practical reasons why they are the best alternative. Once such reason to choose this design is to overcome a bad slope or uneven terrain. Not all back yards can accommodate a large, looming deck. Having multiple levels to your deck enables the homeowner to hide a large slope in the landscape.

Another advantage of multi-tiered decks is the ability to build them in sections. Advanced planning and design is essential to a flowing, coherent look, but the actual building of the levels can be accomplished over several years.

The design of a multi-tiered deck can be as diverse as one's imagination will allow. Some of the more common elements include built in seating, planters, hot tubs, water features and a separate grilling area. Each element enhances a different area of the deck, giving it a unique feel and function. Imperial Building & Roofing has an experienced staff that is waiting to help convert your plans into a beautiful, well-designed deck.

Different levels allow for distinct uses. Having access to the kitchen from one level makes sense while defining the grilling area. A separate sitting area invites relaxation while a lower, paver level with a fire pit is perfect for brisk evenings.

Railing can be used in combination with the different tiers. Always consider the home's window heights when adding railings. Homeowners may not want to obstruct the view with newly added railings. Materials may also be mixed when using different levels. Composite, wood and even stone can be used in combination to create a unique design. Imperial Building & Roofing's qualified team of designers should be consulted when mixing materials for multi-tiered decks due to the structural requirements of each.

When designing your levels, don't overlook the area under each level. If the deck has several elevated levels, the area under each can be used for additional storage, perhaps even replacing the need for a shed. Consider what type of enclosure, if any, should be incorporated to protect or hide items being stored.

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