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Many homeowners find themselves in need of a professional company that specializes in basement design, finishes and repairs. In order to create a completely custom basement finish, Imperial Building & Roofing will use a drafting or design studio to create rendered drawings of what the finished basement will look like. The company's skilled professionals will guide homeowners through the process of taking measurements of their unfinished basement space, and then they will discuss the details of how they would like to use the space more effectively. Finishing a basement is a big project, but can add greatly to a home's market value.

Most homeowners have an idea for how they would like their basement to be finished before contacting a contractor. However, while they may have considered how they would like to finish the room, they may not have thought about what types of materials they want to have in their basement. Imperial Building & Roofing can give homeowners an idea of the desired layout of the finished basement as well as the color scheme and construction materials already in use in other parts of the home. From there, they will be able to draw several different designs to submit to the homeowner for approval. These designs will include a variety of looks, layouts and probably prices depending on the intricacy and type of materials that will be needed to accomplish each one. Homeowners can then decide on one of the designs, or they can combine elements of multiple designs to get the final product best suited to their needs.

Once a plan has been approved, Imperial Building & Roofing will take time to acquire the appropriate permits for the work they will be doing, as well as ordering all of the materials necessary. Keep in mind that carpet, walls and ceilings are not the only important materials used in basement finishing. There are also concrete sealants used to prevent water and gas rising up through the ground and foundation into the new living space. In addition, insulation will also be important since basements typically have a cooler climate than the rest of the home. After the starting materials have arrived and the permits have been signed off, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to complete a basement finishing project. Imperial Building & Roofing will get the job done as efficiently as possible with high quality results.

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