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Imperial Building & Roofing offers property owners a variety of high quality attic insulation materials in order to make their homes more efficient, comfortable and cost effective. Properly installed attic insulation helps to protect the wooden parts of a roofing system from problems like rotting and warping. A well insulated attic also prevents hot air from leaking through the attic's floor and causing the home's living space to overheat.

The roofers at Imperial Building & Roofing are able to carefully install all types of insulation. One of the most popular materials is rolled fiberglass. This insulation has been in use for many decades and is the standard type of attic insulation. The roofing crew trims it to fit around the roof's rafters, joists and trusses.

Another popular type of attic insulation is loose fill. This is an environmentally friendly way of insulating a home. The insulation consists of 30 to 95 percent recycled content. It can be made out of cellulose, newsprint or cotton. It is treated with boric acid to be resistant to fire and pests. When Imperial Building & Roofing installs this material, an attic will meet the U.S. Department of Energy's recommended R value of 38 or higher for homes in this climate zone.

Sprayed foam is another favorite insulating material for local homeowners. Imperial Building & Roofing uses both open and closed cell spray foam. These materials have high R values, ranging from five to nine. The insulation expands to fill even the tiniest of voids. It also acts as an air, water and vapor barrier.

Imperial Building & Roofing can also install rigid foam board insulation. This is a good choice for houses with short attics, shallowly pitched roofs or flat rooftops.

The team at Imperial Building & Roofing also installs attic ventilation systems. Attic ventilation is needed in order to dissipate heat buildup and humidity that develops from indoor activities. Imperial Building & Roofing's staff installs high quality mechanical venting systems such as whole house fans and turbines.

To ensure that attic ventilation is balanced between intake and exhaust air, Imperial Building & Roofing also installs passive ventilation equipment. These vents include soffit and continuous eave vents along with ridge and gable vents.

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