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Farmington Hills Roofing: Article About Popular Roofing Styles

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Roofs come in different shapes that usually add architectural beauty to the buildings they cover. A Farmington Hills roofing contractor can greatly assist when it comes to deciding the type of roof to be installed on a building. When applying a type of roofing, one should consider various factors such as the local climate, the cost of installing the roof, the maintenance requirements and the general desired style of the home owner.

In order to choose the preferred style of roofing, one ought to understand all aspects of the roofing styles. Flat roof is the simplest style of roofing and also involves low installation cost. This style of roofing however needs to be keenly waterproofed since it greatly encourages water ponding.

Skillion roofing is another roofing style, which is made of a single plane, with a slant. The roof leaves some odd shaped rooms beneath it due to its slanted property. The slanting of the roof provides good drainage.

A hipped roofing style is one that consists of two long sides combined with two shorter sides that slant downwards from a middle ridge. The overhanging eaves provide shading over sunny windows and shield the entrance of the home as well as protecting from rain on the side. This roofing style is highly resistant to wind.

Similar to the hipping roofing style is the pyramid roofing.

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The flat ridge differentiates the pyramid from the hipping which has the roof slanting to form a sharp peak at the top. It is an attractive roofing style that has an improved resistance against strong winds. The home also enjoys a cool effect from the overhanging of the roof on all sides.

Another variation of the hipped roofing style is the mansard. This roofing style has four distinct sides. It has two slopes on each of the side with a lower slope that is steeper than the upper one. The roof is punctured with elegant dormer windows. This style of roofing allows room for maximization of space and addition of another story below the roof.

Bonnet is another roofing style that is a modified version of the pyramid. This modification offers more shade to the outdoor area. Two of the sides change the pitch as they slant down and one stretches out.

A domed roofing style is a luxurious type of roofing that is costly, but adds an exciting finish to the appearance of the building.

The best one and most suitable is the gable style. It has two sides sloping down from the central ridge. Its advantage is that it's easy to build and is suitable regardless of the location.

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