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Farmington Hills Roofing: Article About New Roof Upgrades To Consider

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Having a new roof installed provides some great new opportunities for a homeowner, including the ability to increase aesthetics and having the option to select new materials that are more durable. Farmington Hills Roofing professionals know that the process of installing a new roof is the ideal time to consider these important upgrades in order to increase the new roof's longevity.

One of the most efficient ways to protect the new roof is for the contractors to improve the ventilation system. Whenever the attic becomes exceptionally hotter than the rest of the home, it is probable that poor ventilation is the culprit. This can increase energy consumption, resulting in higher heating and cooling bills for the homeowner. Effective ventilation is achieved by soffit vents that are installed underneath the eaves that draw cooler air in and release it into the attic, and roofers will ensure that these are functioning properly. Roofers can install ridge vents in order to allow better air circulation beneath the shingles.

In order to achieve enhanced energy efficiency, homeowners are encouraged to select either cool roofing shingles or reflective shingles.

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Cool roofs typically feature light or white colored materials, but reflective shingles can come in a wide range of different colors and style choices, and they can resemble attractive materials such as slate, wood or metal shingles. They feature specialty engineered granules that reflect ultraviolet radiation back into the atmosphere, rather than absorbing it.

These materials can save homeowners an average of seven to fifteen percent on their annual energy bills. Some might also qualify for tax credits.

For homeowners who face the dilemma of ice dams during the winters, contractors can install eave flashing around the entire perimeter of the roof. The flashing will create a watertight seal over the eaves, which are the lowest and most susceptible areas of the roof to developing ice dams. For other vulnerable areas such as dormers, valleys and skylights, contractors can install bituminous eave flashing in order to better protect them from becoming damaged by the elements.

Another item to consider having a roofing contractor replace whenever a new roof is being installed is the chimney cap. Traditional caps are designed to prevent rain and small animals from being able to come into the home, but an airtight chimney cap is spring activated, and it can actually help to conserve energy. It still offers the same level of protection against water leaks and small animal nesting.

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